About the ProGuard Rule Library Category

Know a solution to a common issue or do you have an implementation tips that would help others? We’ve created this ProGuard Rule Library to showcase solutions that have been tested by others and then verified by our engineers. Here’s how you can contribute

Option 1: Submit your solution here

  1. Write the issue being resolved or enhancement in the post header.
  2. Provide a short summary of what this solution will achieve or add the URL to the community post you want verified
  3. Provide code snippet or detailed description in the body of the editor, if necessary.

Option 2: If you post an answer in a different category topic, and it receives 3+ Likes our team will review it automatically.

If our team is not able to reproduce the solution, you will be notified by our team as to why. If you submitted a post here, that was approved, it will populate within 2-3 business days after. If your answer was found by our team, with 3+ likes, we’ll go ahead and move the post over to this verified library.