AppSweep Gradle plugin integration with Android SDKs


Is it possible to integrate AppSweep Gradle Plugin in Android Library modules (SDK)?
I am able to upload the aar file manually on AppSweep portal but not able to do it via AppSweep gradle plugin. Currently it throws an error stating that the plugin can only be applied in Applications.

Also, if the analysis provided on manual upload for aar files is comprehensive and can be relied upon if gradle plugin is not supported at the moment?

Hi Aditya, thank you, this is helpful feedback.
We are reviewing with our AppSweep team what it would take to better support AAR (SDK’s) in our Gradle plugin: we’ve logged a task to investigate this and will come back here with an update.
In the meantime, you can upload your AAR file manually because AppSweep analysis for AARs is independent from the Gradle plugin: that is to say, AppSweep is able to analyse AARs just the same as APKs. While the Gradle Plugin will attach some extra information to your scan that will allow AppSweep to more accurately link classes and methods to either your own code or specific 3rd party libraries, the findings themselves will not change.

Hi Aditya,

AppSweep offers now AAR support for Android library projects for automated scanning through the latest version of our Gradle Plugin here.

Looking forward to your feedback :slightly_smiling_face: