AppSweep Release 1.1.0

Today, we are happy to unveil our latest AppSweep release (1.1.0). With this update, AppSweep makes it easier for developers to scan mobile apps distributed with the Android App Bundle (AAB) format.

There’s been quite some work into this free scanning tool. Our engineering team just wrote an article about how to identify specific security vulnerabilities. Here you will find out more about the following:

  • HTTPS-Related Findings in AppSweep

  • Causes of Insecure TLS Configurations

    • Custom Certificate Authorities
    • Certificate Pinning
  • Demonstrating the Risk of Broken TLS Handling

    • Demo environment setup
    • Intercepting HTTPS Traffic
  • Avoiding Vulnerabilities in Network-Facing Android Apps

Have you uploaded your app yet? Give it a try here! If you’re having trouble or have questions let us know on our dedicated support forum.