Classes not found in output.jar after running proguard 7.0.0 even if they are present in printseeds report


When using printseeds to print the report with all the classes that are used I can clearly see what I need. But, when I’m searching for it in the output.jar archive it is no more.

Can someone explain why is that happening?

Secondly, when I use the following config:

-injars ‘input.jar’
-outjars ‘output.jar’

shouldn’t the output.jar be exactly like the input.jar?

Thanks for helping!

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A really annoyed user.


Would it be possible for you to elaborate how you are making use of ProGuard e.g. do you run ProGuard from the command line, as a gradle plug-in, etc.?

Can you provide the corresponding files related to the integration e.g. the relevant parts of the gradle files? Please make sure you linked correctly to all relevant configuration files.

If I understand you correctly, you cannot find the classes you have listed using -keep rules in the output.jar after decompilation. Can you explain a bit more on how you try to search for these classes, some examples might be useful to? Do you encounter a ClassNotFoundException at runtime?

When setting the options -dontobfuscate, -dontshrink and -dontoptimize all ProGuard’s features are indeed disabled so the output should contain the same classes and classmembers as the input.

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