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Welcome to the Guardsquare Forums!

First, for those of you familiar with ProGuard and unfamiliar with Guardsquare, fear not, you’re in the right place! The creator of ProGuard and current stewards are all part of the Guardsquare team who specialize in mobile App hardening and runtime application self-protection. With so much relevant discussion dispersed throughout, we wanted to provide a centralized environment encouraging questions, feedback, or code-fixes with the engineers behind ProGuard.

Are your interests broader than just ProGuard? Not a problem, we encourage anyone enthusiastic about App security or App optimization to participate. This is a free community to join and publicly viewable if you only want to search for specific items. If you want to post something, simply sign-in and you’re ready to go. To learn more about the platform functionality you can get started in automated on-boarding instructions by clicking the “Greetings” notification in the top right corner.

If you want to showcase your expertise we suggest you fill out your profile section by clicking your avatar in the top right. Let everyone know about your skills in the “About Me” section and solutions you’re familiar with. Also, don’t forget to highlight your best post in “Featured topic” within the profile setting.

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Ask a Question - Simply insert the text or code, select the appropriate category, apply relevant tags, and someone from our team or community will get right back to you!

Guardsquare Community - A dedicated area for sharing information such as recommended blogs, industry news, and providing roadmap requests and product feedback. You’ll also find Guardsquare announcements and product updates here.

ProGuard Rule Library - Consider this a repository code fixes and solutions for common ProGuard issues tested and validated by our engineering team. You can submit directly to the Rule Library category or, if your answer to someone’s post receives enough “Likes” our team will automatically escalate it to the library… Upon review it would be considered Guardsquare-verified and shifted into the ProGuard Rule Library.

Blogs and Long-form Content - If you want to publish a blog post this category will render into a layout more conducive to a long-form post.

Miscellaneous - This area is where any post without a category selected will live.

See posted answers you know are correct? Endorse it by giving it a like, so that others will find the same solution faster. If enough likes are received we’ll push it to the ProGuard Rule Library, a silo for solutions validated by our ProGuard / Guardsquare engineers.

Need help? For platform questions be sure to check out the FAQ page or Discourse’s support community. If you can’t find what you’re looking for feel free to tag myself or reach out to the community management team at

We are pleased to have you here and looking forward to helping you where we can!

The @guardsquare-team