Guardsquare Acquires MAST Technology & New Product Release

Today marks a historic milestone at Guardsquare as we’ve finalized the acquisition of App-Ray’s mobile app security testing (MAST) technology. In addition, we have some great updates to DexGuard and iXGuard.

About the acquisition - We’re thrilled to announce that Guardsquare has acquired the assets of Breakpoint, whose Mobile Application Security Testing (MAST) engine, App-Ray, will provide a framework for automated security scanning of Android and iOS applications. App-Ray will be integrated into our open source and commercial products throughout the course of 2021. For more information please refer to our announcement blog.

New DexGuard and iXGuard releases - As of today we’ve deployed new versions of our enterprise security solutions DexGuard (Android) and iXGuard (iOS). Here’s what you need to know about the releases:

  • A new Protection Report for DexGuard and iXGuard that validates your application hardening immediately after it’s implemented and recommends key actions to take.
  • Key usability improvements for DexGuard and iXGuard.

As always, if you have any technical questions regarding the Protection Report, DexGuard, or iXGuard please reach out to our support team directly.

We’re really excited as this is a significant step to help developers deploy protected apps easier and more effectively than ever before!