Guardsquare Community Updates - June

Here is a monthly update to catch you up on what’s new!

Trending Posts

  1. Does Guardsquare depend on Google Play Services Internally - By @mudasir
  2. ProGuard creating Spring Bean name conflict - By @XiaoyuZhann
  3. What if I use GSON serialization - By @anton.baranenko

In Case You Missed It…

  • ProGuard Beta4 is live! Configuration debugging with -addconfigurationdebugging is now even easier with less false positives reported. You can check out the full list of release notes for ProGuard and ProGuardCORE here and here.
  • New ProGuard Blog - We showcase two lesser-known tools that greatly simplify the ProGuard configuration process for the DuckDuckGo app.

Other Notes

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Jesse and the Guardsquare Team