How can i deobfuscate my code

i have a spring boot application
i was looking that if I can deobfuscate my code to understand which file has changed to which name
is there any tool or any process there ??
i m getting below error and not able to understand which code I should not obfuscate

Hi @Shradha_Bharti,

You can use the ReTrace tool to deobfuscate stacktraces like this. You can find the details here and you can find the ReTrace application in the ProGuard distribution zip.

The important things to note:

  • You need to use the -printmapping option when obfuscating your application and keep the mapping file produced somewhere safe: -printmapping mapping.txt will write a file called mapping.txt with the mapping of original names to obfuscated names.

  • You can then execute the ReTrace application as follows: bin/ mapping.txt stacktrace.txt where stacktrace.txt contains your obfuscated stacktrace.

Hope this helps!

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