Is there any way to skip some classes or jars and just copy to the next transform?

First of all, I would like to thank ProGuard, which has helped me a lot.

However, ProGuard spends a lot of time in my project build, which causes my project build to be very slow. There are many classes and jars in my project that do not need to be processed by ProGuard.

I use ProGuard in gradle, use it make Android application project.
My Android application dependent many jars,such as : A.jar,B.jar and C.jar, I want A.jar use Proguard deal normaly, but B.jar and C.jar don’t processed by Proguard,just copy it to next transform(next Android build transform). A.jar,B.jar and C.jar are all dependent at runtime,I need them normal output.

I want to Proguard skip optimize B.jar and C.jar to save build time, My proguard version is 7.2.3.

ProGuard can impl this function?could you give me some suggestions?

Thanks you very much.


I would recommend trying to list any of the jars you would like to skip with the following format:

-libjars <path/to/jars> 


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