ProGuard 7.3 is live!

We are excited to announce the new ProGuard 7.3 is available. This release includes support for the most recent versions of Java and Kotlin.

Java Support

To allow ProGuard to continue to optimize, obfuscate and shrink Java class files ProGuard now supports all Java versions including Java 19.

  • Adding support for Java 19 (PGD-247)

Kotlin Support

ProGuard 7.3 deprecates the -keepkotlinmetadata option. You can use -keep class kotlin.Metadata instead which automatically enables processing of Kotlin metadata. Some consumer rules, from libraries such as kotlin-reflect, already contain this rule which means that Kotlin metadata processing will be enabled automatically in those cases.

  • Adding support for Kotlin 1.7

  • Improving support for Kotlin library projects (T3752)

  • Automatically processing Kotlin Metadata when keeping the kotlin.Metadata annotation (T3116)

We’ve made several improvements and bug fixes including:

  • Improving app startup times when using -addconfigurationdebugging. (T17153)

  • Preventing merging classes with native methods that would result in UnsatisfiedLinkError

  • Fixing optimization of simple enums (optimization class/unboxing/enums).

  • Preventing potential build time NullPointerException when processing Kotlin interface methods.

  • Fixing ProGuard Gradle Plugin not working correctly on Windows. (PGD-272)

You can download the latest version of ProGuard here or check out the manual to integrate it into your build. Be sure to update to this latest version and let us know any feedback you have.