Proguard-maven-plugin version support for <inLibsFilter> configuration

Will proguard-maven-plugin version 2.0.14 supports !META-INF/versions/** configuration since it is not effective and throws same exception with multirelease dependant jar. The configuration which we used is

com.github.wvengen proguard-maven-plugin 2.0.14 proguard false !META-INF/versions/** ${java.home}/lib/rt.jar

Is this configuration support valid ? Do we need to upgrade latest version of ProGuard in order to use this configuration ?


Hi @rajiv.kannan,

Thanks for the question. We didn’t create this plugin, so I would recommend checking these resources. If your answer isn’t there it might be worth putting together a feature request
with them.

With that said, I’ve escalated this to our engineering team with the hope we might be able to collaborate and provide better conjoined support in the future.

I hope this helps, and thank you for your time.