ProGuardCORE 9.0 is Live!

Today we are happy to announce the latest release of ProGuardCORE 9.0.0! This latest version introduces a significant improvement to the code analysis capabilities of ProGuardCORE with the addition of Configurable Program Analysis (CPA).

What is Configurable Program Analysis?

CPA is a formalism for data flow analysis allowing seamless composition of various analyses and model checking techniques. Thus, it adds a framework for systematic development and extension of static analyses in a uniform structured way.

Taint analysis is the first ProGuardCORE CPA. Its goal is to detect data flow between source and sink method calls, which is useful for detecting bugs and security flaws.

The Taint Analysis manual page provides more information.

  • Add configurable program analysis (CPA) for interprocedural data flow analysis development.
  • Add taint analysis.

Make sure to update to this latest version and let us know any feedback you have.