Recommended Blogs Thread

With so much great work published online, it’s sometimes tough narrowing down the options to what’s most interesting. I’m excited to start this thread for those looking to pay it forward when you find something interesting to recommend. Whether you authored it, or someone else, we welcome anything relevant to our community. Simply reply to this post, give a short description with proper citation, and that’s it!

I’ll be updating this weekly with my suggestions and looking forward to seeing what you’ve been reading lately.

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To start us off I’d like to promote a Medium blog by Thomas Lim. Someone reached out to our team and referenced it as a good introductory source to reverse-engineering. I hope it’s useful to you too!

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I really liked this post about reverse engineering part of Spotify’s DRM. It uses some cool tools and theory, but the blog is respectful enough to stop before actually using the knowledge they gathered :wink:


Hi! In the past I’ve written about getting started with ProGuard: . This was 2018 so I hope to soon to update this tutorial when I get some time :slight_smile: .

I also wrote some basics about reverse engineering here: . Like the post above I’ve kept it basic as an introduction without actually using the knowledge against an app.


Good information thanks for sharing