Specify analysis classes

I was wondering if it is possible to make taint analysis run only on a specified set of classes from the analysed jar? So that it wouldn’t build a graph for the whole jar.
I’d like to provide as input class names smth like Class1|Class2|Class3.
Thanks in advance!

Hi Olesya!

You have several alternatives to reduce the scope of the analysis, depending on what are you trying to do:

  • By default JvmTaintBamCpaRun and classes implementing it just run the analysis from the method specified in the mainMethodSignature parameter, so not for the entire program
  • If you are interested in intraprocedural analysis for a single method you can set the maxCallStackDepth parameter to 1
  • I think your case is that you want to just not consider code outside some classes. You can create a JvmCfa from a programClassPool just containing the classes you are interested into

Code snippet to create just classes from package org.example:

// ClassPool original is the class pool you have in your current code
ClassPool newClassPool = new ClassPool();
original.classesAccept("org/example/**", new ClassPoolFiller(newClassPool));

You can edit the filter passed as argument to classesAccept to match the classes you are interested into.

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