Why my obfuscation is not working?

1.my proguard-rules.pro has not any keep command.
2.my minifyEnabled and shrinkResources are true in debug or release channel.
3.there are no error info when building project.
4.R8 and Gradle tools verion are latest.

I checked the configuration.txt, it’s content seem no different from usual. But in mapping.txt, the content is strange, such as “com.xxx.SampleClass → com.xxx.SampleClass” and “testFun(android.content.Context) → testFun” (It should have been like this:“com.xxx.SampleClass → a” and “testFun(android.content.Context) → b”)

What’s wrong? pls help, thx.

Hi @GZDong,

To help us with your issue, could you send the output of -printconfiguration, as well as some full class paths that didn’t get obfuscated when they should have.


configuration.txt (150.9 KB)

Hi, all class didn’t get obfuscated in my project. Please check the configuration file information, thank you.

like ‘com.byte.flyer.view.activity.host.HostActivity’, it’s field, class name and method keep it as it is.

@Jared_Yellen Hi, are there any new developments?