Proguard 7.0.0 -, proguard-ant-7.0.0.jar (Operation not permitted)

I am new to Proguard. I inherited several apps that utilize it for obfuscation and I was successful in upgrading the Proguard version a year ago. I am attempting to perform the same build that worked previously, with no changes, and I am getting the following error:

Unable to obtain resource from /Users/ruth/Documents/git/lib/proguard-7.0.0/lib/proguard-ant-7.0.0.jar:
[taskdef] /Users/ruth/Documents/git/lib/proguard-7.0.0/lib/proguard-ant-7.0.0.jar (Operation not permitted)

I am executing on a Mac, OS Ventura (upgraded since the last time I ran successfully)

Any help is greatly appreciated!