Proguard configuration


Our project is a web application. The war file consists of 4 jars. I am try to use proguard to obfuscate these 4 jars.
In these 4 jars, 1 is named as common jar which acts as a helper to all other 3 jars.
while other 3 jars work independently.

So my approach will be,

  1. I should identify all the public entry points in the common jar and keep it untouched during obfuscation so that after the obfuscation process is done, all the 3 jars are still able to communicate to the common jar.

  2. And in rest of the three jars, i should still use the same class names and api call names which serves as entry point for this common jar.

is my understanding right?

Hi Vinod,

Would it be possible to elaborate a little on how you are building your web application? I believe the easiest way would be to integrate PG in the build process rather than obfuscating the jars individually, if I understood your case correctly.

Some options to integrate ProGuard in the overall project are:

  1. As an Ant task:
  2. As a Gradle task:

Kind regards,