Proguard isn't working on Eclipse 2024-06 / Java 21

Using Eclipse 2023-06 / Java 17, I can get my plugins obfuscated when I export them.
But using Eclipse 2024-06 / Java 21, obfuscation won’t work.

What I could discover so far is that this log is generated when it works:

[proguard] ProGuard, version 7.3.2
[proguard] Printing configuration to [myPath\proguard.cfg]...
[proguard] Reading input...
[proguard] Reading program directory [myPath\@dot] (filtered)
[proguard] Reading library directory [myJavaPath\jmods] (filtered)
[proguard] Reading library jar [myPath\myJar.jar] (filtered)
log goes on...

When I export using the new Eclipse, the log stops on the “reading program directory” line. The libraries are not read.

Does anyone have an idea on what might be happening?

Hi @MarioMarinato,

Java 21 support was added in the 7.4 release, once you update to 7.4 this situation should be resolved.


Solved it without updating. I had to change Eclipse’s settings, to make it compile to Java 17, not Java 21.

Thanks for the kind answer.

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