Proguard java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError issue

I’m working on a spring boot application using JDK 1u7, I’m using Proguard (V 7.3.0) and proguard.maven.plugin (V 2.3.1)
but when I run the project, I’m getting this issue
I’m still getting stuck in that, I did not find a solution for that: [proguard] Error: Unable to initialize main class proguard.ProGuard [proguard] Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: proguard/evaluation/IncompleteClassHierarchyException ,
can you please help me?

Hi @Adam_Kossemtini,

Welcome to the community! At first look, it seems the ProGuardCORE version might not match the ProGuard version so I would start there. As for the Maven plugin, we don’t maintain that so I would advise logging an issue here.

I hope this helps and that you have a fantastic weekend!