404 error after obfuscating spring boot application with proguard

I used proguard to obfuscate a spring boot application using this config: medium dot com @ijayakantha/obfuscate-spring-boot-2-applications-with-proguard-a8a76586b11f

The obfuscated application starts up but I get 404 error if I try to make any request. the 404 means the controllers and endpoints are not getting wired up. Here is my checklist:

  • I checked all classes have spring boot annotations. I am using -keepattributes Annotation # ProGuard Manual: Examples | Guardsquare in the config

  • I also checked all directories are preserved. I am using -keepdirectories in the config

  • All getters and setters are preserved. I am using -keepclassmembers class * {
    *** get*();
    void set*(***);
    in the config.

  • I am not running proguard on spring libraries. Just my code.

My class names are obfuscated. This should not matter as the wiring is done by reflection on annotations. How can I debug this? What else should I check? thanks.