Announcing Launch Giveaway Winners!

Hi Everyone,

It’s been almost 2 months since we launched this community platform and it’s terrific to see how many have already joined and contributed thoughtful conversations. As most of you know, to celebrate this milestone we hosted a giveaway and are finally ready to unveil the winners!

Before I do so I wanted to share that there will be more initiatives like this one in the future. In particular, there will be opportunities to leverage this environment for showcasing your expertise regarding ProGuard, app optimization, and app security. More to come soon.

…And without further delay, here are the winners! As next steps I will reach out to you by email for shipping information. Note, in order to receive your swag packages you will need to respond to that email. You can expect this outreach in the next few days and if you have not received it please direct message me here.

The winners!

@praveen_r_nair @anil @Aakriti_Kedia @Ben_Lange @Roland_Yeghiazaryan @naitik @broz @Lennin @Onur_Uran @jakubdolejs @BrunoMakro @LaurenceW @Shradha_Bharti @Dorin @darren.taft @Thorbear @NSDestr0yer @sumanjara @Ksutton1979 @Vedang_Desai

Thank you everyone for the time you’ve already given here. If you have any thoughts or suggestions please let us know in the Guardsquare Community channel.

Jesse and the Guardsquare Team


Hi Jesse,

Thank you for including me in the winners here :slight_smile:

BTW I’m hoping to update my tutorial on ProGuard soon as it is from
2018, though it still works and is relevant



Very excited! @NSDestr0yer Let us know and we’ll be happy to help promote.