How to add Proguard into import module ?

Could you please give info that how can we add proguard rules in the Import module to the secure module?

Hi @Axita_Savani

I think we will need some more information, what are you developing for (Web, Mobile, Desktop, etc.) and how are you integrating ProGuard (Gradle, Maven, etc.)?


Hi @Jared_Yellen
Developing type: Mobile
Proguard integrated: Gradle

I have added 4 import modules like LVL etc. and i have to apply proguard on that module also.

Hi @Axita_Savani

You only need to apply ProGuard to your main app module, and only need to edit your root build.gradle and your build.gradle in your main app module. From there you can just edit your config file your rules will be applicable to the entire project!

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okay. Thank you @Jared_Yellen