How to Shrink an application using ProGuard

Hi All,

I am looking to learn ProGuard and I was completely new to the platform. I have tried to add the rules using ProGuard PlayGround. But somehow those rules are not helping me to shrink the application. I was able to get the rules only with -keep and so on.

I am using a open source project for learning and its gradle based.

Please do help me in shrinking and obfuscating important class files and other things. Any Videos related to this will be very very helpful.

View my keep rules on:

Raviteja A

Hi @Raviteja_A,

Welcome to the ProGuard Community!

ProGuard Manual: Home | Guardsquare is a good entry point to learn how ProGuard works and how to configure it.

If you have tried specific things that don’t work, please add that code to your posts (the playground link doesn’t show anything).

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