ProGuard Playground Released!

ProGuard Playground is an online playground for your ProGuard and R8 keep rules:

  • Interactively tweak your keep rules, without having to rebuild your app.

  • Compatible with R8 keep rules.

  • Share your keep rules when asking for advice on our community.

  • Share your keep rules without sharing your APK with others.

  • Embed rules in blogs etc

  • Supports Android APKs and Java application jars

  • Supports the following -keep rules:



The Playground is currently in beta and there are some known limitations:

  • Does not yet support Android libraries or bundles
  • Does not yet support rules referencing Java 9+ library classes
  • Potential performance issues with large apps


We’d love your feedback! Please discuss here any feedback, bugs, or feature requests.


Hi. Nice initiative! Do you have any plans to have similar one for DexGuard customers?


Great question, @Roland_Yeghiazaryan. The -keep rules are compatible so this works for DexGuard rules as well as ProGuard (and also R8). However, we don’t have any immediate plans to support DexGuard specific rules.

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