Java 18 and ProGuard 7.2.1

With Java 18 being released today we wanted to share that it’s fully supported with ProGuard 7.2.1. So if you haven’t made the update yet you can find it here to which you can expect the following improvements:

Java Support

  • Update maximum supported Java class version to 62.65535 (Java 18 ea). (T13973)
  • Deprecate -target for classes compiled with Java > 11. (T13968)


  • Add consumerRuleFilter to the ProGuard Gradle plugin. (T4134)
  • Prevent the generation of Windows reserved names. (T3937)

Bug fixes

  • Prevent “Expecting type and name” parse error when using the androidx.window library in an Android project. (T13715)
  • Fix shrinking of annotations during GSON optimization.

As always, please let us know any feedback you have.
Jesse & the Guardsquare Team