New Release! ProGuard 7.3.2 With Java 20 Support

We are pleased to share ProGuard 7.3.2 is now live! Here’s what was updated:

You can apply the latest updates and view the full release notes here: ProGuard 7.3.2

Java support

  • Add support for Java 20. (#294)


  • Merge classes only when -optimizeaggressively is set.


  • Fix potential ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when processing Kotlin metadata. (#297)

Also, if you haven’t noticed yet, we have a new feature added to ProGuard Playground. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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Hi @Jesse,

I’ve seen that there’s a new 7.3.3 version of ProGuard listed in the release notes that fixes the -addconfigurationdebugging bug, but if I try to add it in Gradle, it says:

A problem occurred configuring root project
> Could not resolve all files for configuration ':classpath'.
   > Could not find com.guardsquare:proguard-gradle:7.3.3.
     Searched in the following locations:
     Required by:
         project :

Possible solution:
 - Declare repository providing the artifact, see the documentation at

I’ve checked the repositories of the project with the ones listed on the manual (Google and MavenCentral) and I have both included. Could you please check what is happening with it?

Hi @syntech!

Thanks for your question. 7.3.3 hasn’t been released yet. For your fix, you can work on it yourself off of the source, otherwise, check back on these forums and we’ll share once the new release is ready.

Have a great day!

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