Javafx based apps and proguard usage?

hi guys is there a thread/forum specific for javafx and proguard usage

Hi @johnda98 ,

I don’t think we have official Javafx samples or docs. ProGuard will by default process the classes from this SDK too, hence some -keep rules might be necessary to ensure everything is working properly. To set up those -keep options, you can use the -addconfigurationdebugging option as documented here. Alternatively, you can debug potential crashes due to missing -keep rules as documented in our troubleshooting guide.

Please note the fxml files may contain some code names which are obfuscated in the Java bytecode. You can use the following option to ensure ProGuard changes those names in the fxml files too;

-adaptresourcefilecontents **.fxml

In case you would need to change the name of the fxml files itself (important if they need to match the name of a class file), you can add the following;

-adaptresourcefilenames **.fxml

Please let me know if anything is not clear.

Best regards,