Obfuscate dependency jars along with main jar


I am using Proguard 7.3 to obfuscate my web app. I have my utility jars (say a.jar) that goes as dependency jars to other main jar (main.jar).

So I tried this way

  1. Obfuscate my utility jar (a.jar)
  2. Add this obfuscated utility jar as dependency to other jar (main.jar).
  3. Failed – While I was obfuscating the my others jar (main.jar), obfuscation fails saying classes not found. Those classes are actually part of my utility jar(a.jar) . May be as it is obfuscated, other jar(main.jar) is not able to find it.

What could be solution for this?

Hi Harish,

The recommended solution for this is to first add and compile everything together to your main.jar unobfuscated, then obfuscate the main.jar. This method should avoid the most errors.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,

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