Obfuscate Java Jar with dependencies using Maven Proguard Plugin

I started from the most simple Java Maven generated project and added a class that should be obfuscated
There is no obfuscation after
mvn clean install
I attached an archive with the whole Maven / Intellij project
Google Drive zip with Hello World project

the pom looks like that

                        <injar>${project.build.finalName}-jar-with-dependencies.jar</injar> <!-- make sure to obfuscate the jar with dependencies -->
                            <option>-dontwarn</option> <!-- added option to ignore com.sun missing classes -->
                            <option>-keepattributes Signature</option>
                            <option>-keep class com.mycompany.MyPlugin { *; }</option>

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Hi Dorin, Would you mind replacing the Google Drive Zip with a Github project link? For security reasons we don’t encourage non-Github links for downloading on the forums.

We appreciate your understanding, and looking forward to helping you out with this question!