Playground Challenge Answers and Winners!

Thanks to all those who participated in our inaugural ProGuard Playground Challenge! We were thrilled to see more people leverage the rule visualizer and many who even completed all 5 challenges. A reminder, although the contest is over, you can still try the challenges at any time here.

Question 1:

How would you write a keep rule for the onCreate method in com.example.HelloWorldActivity?


For our first challenge we were looking for -keep or -keepclassmembers. A few only allowed shrinking but for this exercise we wanted to see all features used including shrinking, optimization, and obfuscation.

-keep class com.example.HelloWorldActivity {
public void onCreate(android.os.Bundle);

Question 2:

How do you keep a constant field in a Kotlin companion object?                             
             Write a keep rule to keep the CONSTANT field from the following Kotlin code:                                                                                                                   
            package companion                                                                          
             class Foo {                                                                                
                 companion object {                                                                     
                     const val CONSTANT = "bar"                                                        
                     fun foo() = println("foo")                                                         


Although there are several approaches to this challenge we were looking for some version of -keep class or -keepclassmembers class:

-keep class companion.Foo {
    public static final java.lang.String CONSTANT;

Question 3:

You see the following exception when running your application after applying ProGuard/R8/DexGuard because you are accessing a field through reflection:
java.lang.NoSuchFieldException: No field userId in class Lcom/example/HelloWorldActivity;

Write a keep rule that allows accessing this field through reflection


Here we were looking for a rule that keeps the field using either -keep or -keepclassmembers

-keep class com.example.HelloWorldActivity {
    public java.lang.String userId;

Question 4:

You are building a library SDK, you want to shrink & optimize the SDK except for the public API 
Your SDK API consists of all the public & protected members and public classes, except for those in the com.example.mylibrary.internal package.*  

Write a keep rule which allows shrinking, optimization & name obfuscating the SDK except for the public API.


-keep public class !com.example.mylibrary.internal.** {
    public protected *;

It’s worth remembering that some did not keep all the classes such as protected member. Additionally, using “*” vs. “**” can also lead to an incorrect output.

Question 5:

How do you conditionally keep entities, based on the existence of others?                 
Write a conditional keep rule, that keeps all the *members* of a class if there exists a class with the same name but with the _Adapter suffix. The _Adapter classes themselves should *not be kept*.                                                                      

For example, if class A_Adapter exists then the members in class A should be kept. But neither class A nor class A_Adapter should not be kept.

Hint: check out the manual section about “-if” and “-keepclassmembers”
ProGuard Manual: Usage | Guardsquare
ProGuard Manual: Usage | Guardsquare


-if class **_Adapter
-keepclassmembers class <1>{

Finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The winners are….

For the winners, we will be in touch soon to coordinate your rewards.

Thank you to everyone that participated in this initiative and looking forward to doing this again!


Thanks @Jesse It’s was a pleasure of being part of the challenge and be part of the community

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It was very nice to test our knowledge, thanks @Jesse, I’m already waiting for the next challenges. :slight_smile:

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