ProGuard 7.2.0-beta2 is Now Live!

Our team is pleased to share several ProGuard announcements today.

First, ProGuard version 7.2.0-beta2 is now ready to use!
You can always download ProGuard from GitHub or check out the manual to integrate it into your build . Here’s what’s new for this beta:

  • Java support : Added support for Java 17
  • Kotlin support : Added support for Kotlin 1.5

Second, we have released ProGuard 7.1.1 with a few bug fixes:

  • Initialization and obfuscation of Kotlin callable references when using Kotlin 1.4 are fixed.
  • Fail build when IncompleteClassHierarchyException is encountered.
  • Fixed potential hanging of ProGuard process during optimization or obfuscation.

As always, we greatly appreciate any feedback you might have about either release.

Great to see Java LTS 17 support.

How long do you expect to be in beta? i.e. is there a release coming soon ?



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Hi @h.discuss,

Great question. I’ve consulted a few of our Engineers and product team and we’re aiming for a February release.

We’ll post the latest updates on this forum, or we can email you directly if you sign up for the ProGuard email alerts (The form should appear in the bottom left corner).

Hope this helps, and if we don’t speak enjoy the rest of this holiday season!