Announcing ProGuard 7.2.2 and ProGuardCORE 9.0.1!

We’re excited to share the release of ProGuard 7.2.2 and ProGuardCORE 9.0.1. As always, you can download ProGuard from GitHub or check out the manual to integrate it into your build .

Here are a few relevant updates for ProGuard:


  • Remove Kotlin Intrinsics strings by default, without requiring the -keepkotlinmetadata option. (T16518)

Bug fixes

  • Fix “Can’t save configuration file” error in ProGuardGUI. (PGD-220)

  • Fix missing warnings in ProGuardGUI. (PGD-239)

  • Fix rule configurations that extend annotation classes. (PGD-229)

  • Fix “No matching variant” Gradle plugin error when using Gradle 7.4 and Java 8. (PGD-2311)

  • Fix potential Kotlin metadata initialization issue when using the -Xno-optimized-callable-references compiler option. (T16486)

  • Fix potential “bad class file” caused by sorting attributes in class files (PGD-192)

And some relevant updates for ProGuardCORE:


  • ExecutingInvocationUnit now loads values from static final fields.

  • Initialize Kotlin lambda method references when the JVM method name is <anonymous>. (T16483)

  • Add the possibility of limiting the number of CodeAttributes contributing into CFA.

  • Add the possibility of limiting the number of CodeAttributes considered by the CallResolver.

Bug fixes

  • Fix wrong handling of array types in ExecutingIvocationUnit and ParticularReferenceValue.

  • ParticularReferenceValue sanity checks now take inheritance into consideration, improving call analysis. (T15197)

  • Prevent missing semicolon leading to an infinite loop in ClassUtil#internalMethodParameterCount.

  • Make category 2 CPA taint sources affect only the most significant byte abstract state.

  • Fix inconsistent usage of type names in the context of the PartialEvaluator that could result in trying to create an internal type string from a string that was already an internal type. (T15513)

  • Fix initialization of Kotlin callable references when using -Xno-optimized-callable-references compiler option. (T16486)

You can check out the full list of release notes for ProGuard and ProGuardCORE here and here.

As always, please let us know what you think.

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