Skip all changes to some classes in a jar

I have a jar that needs to be in the -injars config for proguard. But there are a few classes in that jar that I dont want any changes to. I have tried various -keep rules and they are working and the output classes are logically similar. But I want to be exactly the same without being touched at all. Is there a way to configure proguard to skip some classes during obfuscation but process the rest of them in the same jar ?

Hi @Rupinder_Singh ,

Did you use the includecode modifier as shown in the example below?

-keep, includecode class com.example.MyClass

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Yes. I did try that too. Even that results in some changes. I was hoping for some settings that would let one class go completely unchanged. I moved it into its own jar but that seems to be too much for just keeping one class.

Can you provide more details, like an excerpt with the keep rules you used and the result ?