Want to obfuscate jar and need a rule for obfuscate respective package or classes

Hi Team,
I want to obfuscate the Java Swing application jar file.
for that, we want the rule file for Specific packages or specific classes

And Also,
Required 3rd party libraries need to exclude for the obfuscation process.

I am using a mac machine to obfuscate jar file using Proguard GUI version (proguard-7.3.2)

Please suggest to me the rule configuration and some more details about the rules define

Thanks in Advance

Hi @Swapnil_Sherekar ,

The necessary -keep options for your project depend on the code you have written as well as the way any dependencies you use are developed. Therefore, it’s not possible for us to provide you with a list of configuration rules. Basically, you need to preserve all parts of code that rely on reflection.

ProGuard contains an option -addconfigurationdebugging, which can suggest some of the necessary configuration rules at runtime. Please find out more on this option in our manual here.

Best regards,