There were 173 classes in incorrectly named files

I want to obfuscate my project. When i try to do this with Proguard it is showing below warnings.
Warning: there were 173 classes in incorrectly named files.
** You should make sure all file names correspond to their class names.**
** The directory hierarchies must correspond to the package hierarchies.**
** (ProGuard Manual: Troubleshooting | Guardsquare)**
One of the class example shown below:
FileName: com\services\cache\constants\AppConstants.Java
public class AppConstants {

please check and provide the solution for this.

Dear @Raghu_Yanamala ,

Welcome to the ProGuard community!

This warning indicates one or a combination of the two following issue within your project setup;

  • One or multiple classnames do not match their file name e.g. you have a class named MyClass placed in a file named Instead the class named MyClass should be placed in a file named
  • At the top of your java files you will have written something similar to package;. The class path should represent the directory path in your project where that file/class is located (one directory for each sub-package): net/example/app.

Is it possible you renamed some files without renaming the class names or vice versa? Or maybe you moved certain java files within your project structure without changing the package class path?

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