War file shows gc error

I have a spring boot multi module project build bu gradle. Fiest I create war file by gradle build and then show the war file by “injars” option. each time it gets gc error.
can any one tell me what is the problem and a brief idea how to do it ?
Thanks in advance

Hi @shahriar,

Welcome to the PG Community! Sure thing, I’d be happy to help point you in the right direction.

We have a Spring Boot template project on our Github which may be helpful for you.
proguard/examples/spring-boot at master · Guardsquare/proguard · GitHub)

From what I understand you’re getting a build error. For starters, can you share the full error you’re getting and also your verbose stacktrace?


Thanks for your reply I solved it. direct war file can not be obfuscated rather extract it then class can be obfuscated. But now facing a another problem. can progurad provide unique name for each class ? currently proguraf give a same name for different class located in different package. They are actually bean classes. I already set this lines

keep 'public @org.springframework.stereotype.Component class **'
	keep 'public @org.springframework.stereotype.Controller class **'
	keep 'public @org.springframework.stereotype.Service class **'
	keep 'public @org.springframework.stereotype.Repository class **'