Cannot build Proguard from repository


I’m trying to use Proguard, but I cannot even build it from the repository.

I cloned the proguard and proguard-core repositories, and launched the
./gradlew --include-build=…/proguard-core assemble
command, but the build fails, and I cannot find any documentation as to why.

In the manual, it says that one only needs a Java 8 JDK installed and the two repos to build proguard, but it doesn’t work out of the box.

I see in the output that Task :base:compileJava FAILED, with details related to Kotlin.

I’m completely new to Proguard or even Gradle or Kotlin, so any help would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot!

Hi @eme,

First of all, welcome to the PG community! Happy to have you.

I would be happy to help you answer this question. In order to effectively guide you, I will need the following files in order to further comments:

  • proguard configuration fiel
  • build.gradle files
  • stacktrace (containing the error, as to why the build failed)

Please share these files in a sample so we can identify a cause for the crash and then help you implement a solution.

Kind Regards,


Hello Jack,

Thank you for your answer, but I was kind of in a rush so I had to use another tool to obfuscate my jar.

Have a good day,


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