Why I cant use proguard in gradle?

This is error message, I dont know why faild. my config is copy from offical github.

tasks.register(‘proguard’, ProGuardTask) {
configuration file(‘proguard.pro’)

injars(tasks.named('jar', Jar).flatMap { it.archiveFile })

// Automatically handle the Java version of this build.
if (System.getProperty('java.version').startsWith('1.')) {
    // Before Java 9, the runtime classes were packaged in a single jar file.
    libraryjars "${System.getProperty('java.home')}/lib/rt.jar"
} else {
    // As of Java 9, the runtime classes are packaged in modular jmod files.
    libraryjars "${System.getProperty('java.home')}/jmods/java.base.jmod", jarfilter: '!**.jar', filter: '!module-info.class'
    //libraryjars "${System.getProperty('java.home')}/jmods/....."





Thanks for reaching out! What step is the build failing in? I would recommend checking out the manual (ProGuard Manual: Android Gradle | Guardsquare), as that might help you to confirm what might need additional configuration.