DexGuard sample config


I’d like to better understand DexGuard configuration. Is there a sample project/config that I could look at? I understand DexGuard builds off of ProGuard config but a sample app/repository w/ DexGuard configured would make the concepts clear:

  • as an app developer, how do I check if the app is running on a rooted device?
  • or the app is tampered?
  • any performance implications? is the first time launch going to be slow compared to subsequent launches?

Any pointers would be greatly helpful.

Thank you.

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Hi Anil,

Next to ProGuard, DexGuard indeed offers lots of additional code hardening features, and also includes RASP detection features. Tamper and root detection are among them.

As of version DexGuard 8.7.0, RASP detections can automatically be injected during the build, based on settings in your DexGuard configuration. No code changes required anymore from your side! The configuration can perfectly be tweaked to minimise performance impact.

A RASP sample is included in the “/samples/basic/RASP” folder of your DexGuard installation.

For more details on DexGuard’s RASP capabilities, please refer to the manual: (you’ll need to be logged in to the customer portal), in case of more in depth questions please reach out to Guardsquare Support.

Hi Philippe,

I don’t have DexGuard license so, I can’t see the sample and hence I was asking for a public git repo for a sample app that can give me the necessary details. Is that possible? It will help us make an informed decision before we purchase a license.

Hi Anil,

Thank you for your questions and comments. To best answer these questions we’ll reach out to you directly so there’s no sensitive information being discussed on the forums. You can be on the lookout for that outreach shortly.

I’m sorry I asked this question because I keep getting calls and LinkedIn requests from an individual and all I wanted was to look at a sample config and if it is not possible without actually paying, I should have been informed of that instead of sending off sales team to constantly pester me.

Hi Anil,

Apologies for not answering your question directly and upfront. For security reasons, we don’t send out free samples of our commercial products but can accommodate your request for a hands on view of DexGuard over a demo call. I’m happy to direct you there if you would like.

I assure you that we never transfer anyone from our Community to our sales team unless it’s specifically requested by the member on our forums or there’s a request sent on I have, however, reached out to our sales team highlighting your concern.

Please let us know if we can help with anything else.