DexGuard 9 beta with crashlytics

Hi. I’m trying out new version of DexGuard in our project, but got some issues. Uploading of crashlytics mapping files fails ( Task :app:uploadCrashlyticsMappingFileProductionRelease FAILED), as there is no mapping file (DexGuard,which is generating mapping files, is a post processing step and comes after Firebase). Do you have any ideas how to fix?

Hi Roland,

For current DexGuard and iXGuard users we manage all support through our customer portal. Please email our support team where we can best assist you.

I’ve checked with that team and it appears a ticket has been opened for you. A support engineer should follow up with you soon.

Happy to help if you need anything else!

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This is something I’d be interested in the answer to as well, as I’m seeing this issue too. It seems the perfect topic to discuss here - otherwise what’s the point of these forums?

I’ve already opened a ticket there, but I also think that this kind of issues should be discussed here to get community involved.

Hi Roland and Darren,

Considering ProGuard’s open source nature, we welcome those support-related discussions here. However, for our commercial products (DexGuard and iXGuard), we don’t conduct those conversations on the forum. Going through our support team, directly, provides you with personalized assistance for your software. We’re sorry we can’t assist you here but have confidence that team is ready and available to address your questions.

Thank you for your understanding,