Introducing AppSweep, Guardsquare’s Free Mobile App Security Testing Tool

Today we have reached a significant milestone in the ProGuard-inspired journey. If you are wondering what we mean by that, our focus is on creating tools that are accessible, include great attention to detail, provide value, and - most importantly - are built for developers. With this mentality at the forefront, we are proud to unveil AppSweep, our application security testing tool designed specifically for mobile.

The primary principle behind AppSweep is that shifting security mitigation earlier in the development process enables developers to deploy more secure apps, quicker. With this tool you’ll receive immediate, actionable recommendations to proactively address risks as well as increase success in later stage pen testing efforts.

To understand the full breadth of this tool you can read the AppSweep release blog here. Or just give it a try by uploading an app to see for yourself the findings and recommendations you will get back.

In true Community spirit, as we continue to enhance our new mobile app security testing tool, we are interested in hearing from you about your experience with AppSweep. We look forward to reading your feedback!

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