Introducing iOS Support for AppSweep

For those familiar with our free mobile app security testing tool, AppSweep, there has been a lot of exciting news lately surrounding the product! Last month we rolled out Interactive Analysis Security Testing, and today, we’re proud to announce AppSweep now supports iOS apps! Learn how you can shift your security left in the development process by scanning your iOS apps with AppSweep.

We’re excited to share this latest release with you. Scan your app for free and let us know any feedback you may have!

– The Guardsquare Team

Hi team,

This is brilliant news, thanks for adding iOS support to App Sweep! We will be making use of this functionality for sure.

Just wondering if there are plans to add support in the future for automating scans through CI, similar to what is provided for Android?

Many Thanks!


Hello - thanks for the feedback!

We are indeed working on adding CI support for iOS AppSweep scans, through an API or CLI. It will be slightly different than Android, where we rely on a Gradle plugin.

If you have a specific CI tool chain you use for iOS, let us know, as we can already think about specific instructions for different CI setups.



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Thanks for the quick reply! That’s great to hear that CI integration is already being worked on.

We currently use a combination of Fastlane and Jenkins here. In an ideal world for us, something like a Fastlane plugin would be brilliant and would integrate nicely into our existing setup. But even a system agnostic API would be a great starting point.

Thanks again for the response!

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