ProGuard Integration Issue

I tried setting it up with version 7.1.0 since r8 cannot be disabled anymore, and although the shrinking and obfuscation works, there are no optimization passes anymore performed. Is this expected? I do use proguard-android-optimize.txt.

Hi @peterdk,

Am I correct to assume you’re working on an Android project? If so, may I ask what AGP/gradle version you’re using?

Related to the optimization steps, it sounds like -dontoptimize might be set somewhere. It can be part of your own configuration files or part of the consumer rules that come with dependencies. You can print the full configuration used using -printconfiguration fullconfig.txt , can you please check if the generated file (fullconfig.txt) contains -dontoptimize? If not, please provide us with your ProGuard/R8 configuration file(s)

Kind regards,