Stuck at Optimizing (pass 1/5) even after 2 hour of waiting it is not going further. No error no information is available

Earlier i am able to generate the release build with proguard enabled. But recently when i tried with latest code i am unable to generate the proguard build. Can any one help me to overcome the issue Optimizing (pass 1/5)…

Hi @Shiv45,

Thanks for reaching out, and welcome!

May I ask what version you are using? Updating may help as we’ve recently resolved some performance issues.

AGP 3.3.0. not using proguard dependency separate. - 4.10.6

Dear @Shiv45 ,

To further help you tackle your problem, would it be possible to share the logs generated when executing ProGuard (the text before and after “Optimizing (pass 1/5)”)? Together with your proguard configuration file and build.gradle file(s)?

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