Spring boot maven with java 11

HI Team,

Nice plugin to hear about the obfuscation of securing my code, I’m trying configuring guard with my spring boot app with java 11. I tried from last two weeks onwards nothing helped me out. could you please provide me any examples of spring boot with java 11. Advanced thank you so much.

Hi Aswartha,

Can you take a look at this Spring Boot example proguard/examples/spring-boot at master · Guardsquare/proguard · GitHub

This should help you get started. If you have some specific errors or questions please share:

  • the full error
  • the build log
  • your configuration
  • if possible, a sample showing the problem



I need a spring boot maven with java 11 example

Unfortunately, we don’t have a maven example and we don’t have official support for maven.

Some open-source maven plugin implementations that you could try, but be aware that these are not provided for or supported by Guardsquare: