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Welcome to the Guardsquare Community! We’d love to know a little about yourself. Here are a few starting points we suggest stating your name, country, any skills or areas of expertise, and any other passions you might have.

So happy to have you here! Feel free to contact me if you need anything at all :slight_smile:

I’ll kick things off :smile:

My name is Jesse Ott and before I began at Guardsquare I developed training programs for thousands of QA software testers worldwide.

I’m living in Boston, Massachusetts and In my spare time I like to read about baseball saber-metrics, finding the next best craft beer, and challenging my grilling ability.

Please let me know your thoughts while here and looking forward to evolving this community into something great!

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Hello Jesse,

I am trying to integrate proguard using maven for obfuscating the jar of a spring boot application. Can you please help me out in this by providing some documentation or resources. Your help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Hi Vedang,

At the moment there’s no official way to integrate ProGuard through Maven. However, someone wrote a Maven plugin (see link below) that seems up-to-date as it supports ProGuard 7.

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