New Release! ProGuard 7.4 With Latest Kotlin & Java Support

We are pleased to share ProGuard 7.4 is now live! Here’s what’s new:

You can apply the latest updates and view the full release notes here: ProGuard 7.4

Java support

  • Add support for Java 21. (#331)

Kotlin support

  • Add support for Kotlin 1.9


  • Support parsing of wildcard * when used as a field type or method return type in class specifications.


  • Fix “NoClassDefFoundError: Failed resolution of: Lorg/apache/logging/log4j/LogManager” when using GSON optimization or -addconfigurationdebugging. (#326)
  • Don’t drop Record attribute for records with no components. (proguard-core#118)
  • Fix potential duplication class when name obfuscating Kotlin multi-file facades.
  • Do not inline interface methods during optimization to avoid compilation errors during output writing due to an interface method being made package visible.
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