Obfuscation of XML files in which java class name is mentioned

HI ,
I have some xml files in my project .there are some mapping java class name is written in those xmls.
i want to obfuscate java class file name which are present in that XML …so that it map correctly to obfuscated java class.
let me provide you an example
below is one of the code of my XML file

my csvloader class is already obfuscated but in this XML the file name is csvloader only so its not able to locate that file
lets say …if after obfuscation my csvloader became a.class
in this XML also …it should show a.class not csvloader

is it possible ??

I found the solution
-adaptresourcefilecontents will work

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Glad you were able to resolve this, Shradha! I’ve marked your latest post as a solution to help others who encounter this issue. Thank you for following up with us.

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