Unable to access jarfile proguard-master\bin\\..\lib\proguard.jar

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I am new to Proguard and obfuscation technology. I am trying to obfuscate the mobile app using Proguard. But I am getting below error

Unable to access jarfile D:\Proguard\proguard-master\proguard-master\bin\…\lib\proguard.jar

I have set the path of Proguard/bin in environment variables and restarted the machine but no use. Could you please let me know how to solve this issue?

Also please do share the basic commands and basic things which need to be taken care of before starting the obfuscation process.

Raviteja A

Hi @RavitejaA !

It looks like you’ve cloned the ProGuard github repo. If you just wish to use ProGuard (rather than build ProGuard from source) you can simply download a release zip from here: Releases · Guardsquare/proguard · GitHub

The latest version is 7.1.0-beta1: https://github.com/Guardsquare/proguard/releases/download/v7.1.0-beta1/proguard-7.1.0-beta1.zip

Hi @james

Thanks for your support. It worked. But one more issue I am facing now. I am having Java 11. When I am trying with proguard gui I am getting below error
Can’t read [C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-11.0.9\lib\rt.jar] (No such file or directory: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-11.0.9\lib\rt.jar)
I believe rt.jar is not available in Java 11. Is there any option of performing the obfuscation/shrinking without migrating the Java version. If so what is the workaround. Also if I have to migrate the java version which will be best Java version where I can explore Proguard without any dependencies.

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Raviteja A

You can check the examples directory on the ProGuard github - these should help you get started.

For example, for Java 11 you have to use the jmods instead of the rt.jar: proguard/applications.pro at master · Guardsquare/proguard · GitHub